How I work

I treat couples primarily using Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

Couples who come to see me generally are worried or frustrated about the condition of their relationship. This could be a result of a particular situation, like the birth of a child or an affair, or it could just be that the couple is stuck and having a hard time getting back to what they once were.

I work with couples not only to understand how and why they got stuck, but also give them experience doing things differently. Change requires practice, so I help clients to interact with one another in new ways.  

My goal is to help clients not only navigate the difficulty they are currently facing, but to help them to know how to navigate those in the future.

For more information on couples counseling, check out my blog.

How to get started

Contact me to arrange a time for us to connect over the phone. In that conversation, we will confirm that we are a good fit, and if so, find a time for our initial session.

If you are unsure if you are ready to proceed, consider signing up for my newsletter, or following me on Facebook at Mauri Counseling or twitter @mauricounseling to get information on how I work and topics I consider important.