What can you expect from therapy with me

How long are sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes long.

How Much Are Sessions?

My fee is $100 per session for couples and $80 per session individuals.  I do have a few low cost spots.  Please contact me to check on availability.

How can I pay for sessions?

I can take payment in the form of cash, check, or debit/credit cards.  Currently I cannot take insurance payments.

How often would we meet?

I recommend starting with weekly sessions in order to get an understanding of what is going on and to create  some momentum on progress.  After that, sessions can be scheduled every other week if needed.

How will we schedule our sessions?

Most people see me at the same time every week so that sessions can be regular and reliable.  This also ensures that you have a time saved for just for you. However, if your schedule is not regular or this doesn’t work for you, I will be as flexible with my schedule as I am able.

Do you have evening and/or weekend hours?

I do have evening hours, but do not offer weekend hours. Please contact me in order to determine what times are currently available.

How Long Do I Need To Commit To Counseling?

Of course how long counseling takes really depends on the individual or couple and what they want to work on. I would be happy to discuss any concerns or specific questions you have; feel free to request a time for us to connect over the phone.

What if at some point I don't like how the sessions are going?

I view the counseling process as a collaborative process.  This means that we work together to find the way through that is right for you.  If what we are doing and how we are doing it is not working for you, please let me know so that we can make necessary changes.

What typically happens in the first session?

Usually in the first session, we will begin by completing some paperwork to give you a clearer understanding of what it will be like to work together.  I will then ask for some information about who you are as a person outside of the difficulty that has brought you into counseling.  Next, we will get a basic understanding of what brought you into counseling and then we will start outlining some goals for the work we will do together.

Can you tell me a bit more about how you work with couples?

I work with couples primarily using Emotionally Focused Therapy. This means that I work to create change through experience rather than just a list of communication skills. While information on what creates a strong relationship and how to communicate with one another is useful and can be necessary, often when things get hard and you are angry or hurt, it can be really difficult to remember how and what should should say.  However, when you also have experiences of being with your partner in a new way it is much easier to be able to act differently. I work to foster those experiences as well as provide the information that helps make sense of the change.

Can you tell me a bit more about how you work with individuals?

I work with individuals using a variety of methods and tools depending on the individual and what they are struggling with. As much research has now shown, the relationship between the client and the counselor is the largest predictor for success in therapy, so my first concern is that the individual feels heard and understood. In addition, it is impossible to find the right solution if you don’t first understand the problem. As a result, I work with clients to understand the difficulty (or difficulties) that they are facing, work to understand where they want to end up, and then collaborate to find a way forward that works for them. This usually means conversing and creating new experiences of being different, but it can also mean brainstorming, mindfulness, and practicing new skills.

How Do I/We Get Started?

First contact me via any of the methods on my contact page. You can contact me at any time. My phone will go directly to voicemail during non-business hours so you won’t be disturbing me. When you leave a message, please let know what would be a good time for me to call you back. I will then connect with you at my earliest convenience.

During the phone call I will ask a bit about what you want to work on in order to ensure that I will be a good counselor for you.  I will also answer any questions you have about me as a counselor and what working with me might be like, so you can determine if I might be a good fit with you.

If you would like to proceed, I will review the options for getting a bit more information about you and what you want to work on. I can send this via a secure online portal, arrange a phone call or go over it in session. You can select the option that works the best for you and we will schedule a time to meet.