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Note: I will be at the SE Water Ave address as of 10/8/19

I believe that the quality of our relationships has a profound affect on us. When our relationships are strong and healthy they provide us the support and nourishment to be our best selves and brave life's challenges. However, when they are not, they not only deprive us of that strength but can be a great source of sadness and frustration.

Luckily, relationships don't just work or not work. Instead, just as we can all get stuck in relationship sometimes, we can alter relationships to make them more healthy and nurturing.  When we get stuck in relationship it can feel small, like an uncertainty or staleness that weaves in and out of the relationship—or it can feel large, like anxiety, sadness, or hopelessness that takes over every part of the relationship and makes it difficult to feel, or even remember feeling, anything else. Regardless of the intensity, when our relationships are not working, we could use help.

I would like to be that help.  While I specialize in couples, I work with both couples and individuals. I work with my clients as a team.  I may be a relationship expert, but my clients are the experts of their own lives. I believe it is important to listen to that expertise and use it. I do my best to provide the validation, knowledge, support, and encouragement needed to make the changes that my clients want in their relationships and their lives.

If you would like a bit more information about how I work, check out these blog posts

Next steps

If you are ready to start counseling with me, contact me using any method on my contact page. We will arrange a time to talk via phone for a few minutes to determine if I am the right counselor and if what you are dealing with is within the scope of the work that I do. This process usually takes 10-15 minutes. If you would like to work with me after this discussion I will explain options for gathering intake information and schedule a time to meet for our first appointment.

If you aren't ready or are unsure, check out the information on my website, Facebook or twitter, or contact me with any questions you have.  I would love to hear from you.